**REDUCED** - Christmas-y Crime Scene - Family Activity Kit

**REDUCED** - Christmas-y Crime Scene - Family Activity Kit

$ 5.00

Calling all crime fighting families!

Introducing our Christmas-y Crime Scene Family activity kits! Help the marshals solve the mystery of Santa’s missing sleigh bells through mystery substances, hair analysis, footprint analysis, and more!

Kits come in two age groups: grades K-2 and 3-5.  But "kids" of all ages will enjoy solving the crime!

AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP ONLY - at the USMM, 789 Riverfront Drive, Fort Smith, AR.

The kits include non-toxic substances for the crime scene analysis:  vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, lotion, cornstarch, liquid starch and glue.   Due to these contents, we are not able to ship the kits.

After you place your order, call ahead to schedule your pick-up at the Museum, (479) 242-1789.