Book: Here Lies Billy the Kid

Book: Here Lies Billy the Kid

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Despite a controversial grave, Billy the Kid never died. His name appears repeatedly in art, books, and film. There are entire archival collections devoted to the historians who continue to untangle legend from fact. But only one was his resting place truly contested in court. In March 1962, eighty years after his publicized death, courtroom drama was the crescendo of a struggle between two counties, historians, and the reported descendants of the Kid and his friend Charlie Bowdrie. One of the last unsettled mysteries in the outlaw's life was his death, burial, and the modern-era fight to keep or remove his final resting place. The heated conflict centered around New York beautician Lois Telfer, a claimed descendant of the Kid, and her kinship to Lincoln County, New Mexico. He was buried in a neighboring county, and the unexpected cropped up throughout.

Here Lies Billy the Kid unmasks the full story behind the history and the Telfer hearings. The paths of Billy the Kid and Charlie Bowdre are recounted through family accounts, fresh discoveries of documents, and news coverage. The twists and turns bring surprises, but the matter is yet unsettled in American culture.

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